Aztec Sun Hold and Win Slot have a standard layout of 5×3 and 25 lines. The slot interface is classic, but it features classic reels with three jackpots, scatters, and wilds. The online slot offers many perks to experienced players. Continue reading to learn more.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are available for Aztec Sun Hold Slot and Win Slot. They aren’t as complex and intricate as the Aztec Stone. They are pretty simple and offer free spins and a bonus round. There are three jackpots.


This online slot uses Serpent imagery as a wild symbol, as it has a double-headed serpent. All logos, except for the scatter and bonus, are replaced by the wild.

Scatter Symbol

The Aztec temple pyramid is the scatter symbol in Aztec Sun Hold and Win Slot. You will receive a bonus round of free spins if you get three scatters from the Aztec temple pyramid after you step inside.

Get Free Spins

The round begins with eight free spins. These rounds can be triggered if you have three or more shimmering scatters. You will receive an additional eight spins if you collect three scatters in the game. Only disperses and wildlands can be used during this feature.

Bonus Game

The bonus game will be awarded if you land at least six bonus symbols on the reels. These sticky symbols are known as sun symbols. They have a coin value of between 1x to 25x the stake. The other position’s respin and feature bonus symbols are available during this feature.

You start with three pens. You must collect at least 15 bonus symbols to win the Grand Jackpot.


There are three types of jackpots: mini-measure and grand. These can be encountered at the top of the reels. These symbols are worth a prize. Bonus symbols appear randomly in the game. The take is 150x for the significant character, while the interpretation for the grand mark is 1000x. The Mini bonus symbol can award payouts of up to 30x the stake amount.

Mobile compatibility

This slot is compatible with smartphones. This means you can play the slot on Android and iOS smartphones. You only need to log in to the mobile casinos, and you’re ready.

Where can I play the game?

You should only play the best-rated casino sites if you wish to play Aztec Sun Hold & Win slot. These sites may offer casino bonuses to players. Before making a decision, you might want to review the site.

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